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Pay German tolls with an EETS-box


Telepass Sat is now available for tolls payments in Germany.  

Germany is a high-traffic country for European fleets, and reaching this hub requires trucks to cross other domains, paying tolls along the way. Why not use one OBU for German tolls as well as 9 other domains? Telepass Sat is an interoperable device used to pay tolls in Austria, Belgium incl. Liefkenshoektunnel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland A4. 

Other benefits of Telepass Sat:

  • Fleets lose a lot of time and money with the fixed installation of toll boxes in Germany. The Telepass SAT OBU is a plug-and-drive device, so HGVs can keep moving freight. 
  • No separate registration required. Complete forms once for Telepass Sat and add toll domains as needed.
  • German tolls transactions aren’t available until the end of the month. With the Telepass Sat, charges are visible within 2 days, so you can invoice customers faster and get paid sooner. 

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